(sometime illustrator)

I like to draw, animate, and just try to improve my craft side from time to time.

August 2020
Miami Sunset Retro Practice- This was a stab at creating something with that retro vibe.

Hi, I’m Peter. I am a Designer.

Over the past 4.5 years, I have had the privilege of designing for multiple different mediums that range from mobile apps to SAAS to games. My expertise lies within product design, service design, and something I like to coin, delightful design. I believe that design should be purposeful and backed by data but at the same time, being able to provide joy for everyday users, from their first time to their nth time of using the product.

Electronic Arts- UFC
Role: UX Designer 


Electronic Arts- VOLTA  21 & 22
Role: Product and Experience Designer

Define and unify the end to end experience of a new mode for FIFA 21 and 22

Electronic Arts- NHL 20 Pack Opening
Role: Experience Designer

Enriching the pack opening experience for NHL 20 by curating a more sharable experience for the end users

Microsoft x Translink
Role: Product Designer

Shaping the future of Translink by utilizing historical data to curate a transportation application for the users

BlackBerry - KeyONE
Role: Product
Drive and helped reshaped the purpose of a physical keyboard and virtual keyboard for BB’s last device
Kinetyxlab & Nike-mobile app
Role: UX Designer

Transforming the world of atheletic footwear testing post pandemic

Electronic Arts- NHL 22 Eliminator Mode
Experience Design

1Shift-  Litelink
Role: Product D
Reshaping the experience to facilitate logistics and real time tracking of shipments